New Release! Finally in Tune

I’m happy to announce that the second book in the Coded for Love series is out now! Finally in Tune is Casey’s story.

Here’s the description:

Casey Washington has had well-earned success in her career as a data scientist at a start-up in Portland, but all the data in the world hasn’t made love possible for her. She’s always lamented Adam Raines, the one that got away in college, simply because the timing wasn’t right.

Adam has been able to get back to his first love, music, since his divorce. He’s happy even if life is complicated with his three kids, running his record shop with his brother, and slowly building a name for himself as a songwriter. He has no time for love, but his mind has been going back to his college days, and the woman he’s never forgotten.

When tragedy brings Casey back to Oklahoma and into Adam’s record shop, their entirely different worlds meet head on and everything is turned upside down. Adam offers to help her catalog her dad’s record collection. The energy between them is off the charts, but they both know that Casey’s time in Oklahoma is limited. Nothing real can come out of this reconnection—but they both can dream, right?

The real question is whether or not the dream can come true.

It’s available in Kindle Unlimited and for Kindle purchase or paperback purchase. 

Although it’s not set in stone, I’m hoping to release book 3—Sujata’s story—at the end of the year, or early next.