Finally in Tune Kirkus Review

I submitted my new release Finally in Tune for a review from Kirkus reviews, and although waiting for it to come back is always a nerve-racking experience, I was excited to get the one for Finally in Tune because it was actually all positive. 

The reviewer said it was “A sweet love story brimming with music and nostalgia,” where the chemistry between Casey and Adam is palpable. I’m a tiny bit worried that the word “sweet“ might mislead people (this is definitely NOT a sweet romance), but the reviewer is right—the story itself is kind of sweet. They do a nice summary of the story (it’s aways kind of fun, and sometimes disconcerting, to see someone else summarize your novel). In the summary, she mentions that Casey is almost 40, which I liked because it might appeal to the growing audience who like to read about people their age instead of twenty-somethings. 

You can see the full review here.