Finally in Tune Kirkus Review

I submitted my new release Finally in Tune for a review from Kirkus reviews, and although waiting for it to come back is always a nerve-racking experience, I was excited to get the one for Finally in Tune because it was actually all positive. 

The reviewer said it was “A sweet love story brimming with music and nostalgia,” where the chemistry between Casey and Adam is palpable. I’m a tiny bit worried that the word “sweet“ might mislead people (this is definitely NOT a sweet romance), but the reviewer is right—the story itself is kind of sweet. They do a nice summary of the story (it’s aways kind of fun, and sometimes disconcerting, to see someone else summarize your novel). In the summary, she mentions that Casey is almost 40, which I liked because it might appeal to the growing audience who like to read about people their age instead of twenty-somethings. 

You can see the full review here.

Long Overdue Update

It has been a crazy long time since I’ve posted on here. It’s been so long that I even missed mentioning the release of my first book, It’s Technically Love, in October of 2021. I released that book on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback on Amazon. Unfortunately, it did not resonate with an early reader, and they felt the need to give it 2 stars, the only rating. So it’s been completely dead in the water since then. No one wants to read a 2-star book even if it’s free. So thanks a lot, somewhat evil reviewer person. Kirkus gave it a much more favorable review [] (not without critique, but it wouldn’t have been a 2 if they’d given a rating). 

It’s Technically Love used to be called Programmed for Love, but my cover designer (of all people) pointed out that that sounded dark, or at least could be interpreted that way, which does not fit the book. Dark romance is a thing that I sometimes forget exists. Here’s the cover:

It's Technically Love book cover

I’ve been holding off on doing anything to fix the 2-star situation because it’s my only romance out. When you do promotion in romance, you really want multiple books, because if somebody likes the first one they read, they’ll check out your other stuff, too. Otherwise they’ll forget about you by the time you release something new. But the rating situation is fixable. Basically, I’ll have to give it away for free and then I’ll get some more reviews that should bring it up. I’m releasing #2 this fall, so I think I will promote both after the release and see if I can get in a better position. I originally was going to wait until I release #3 because I was planning to work on that one after finishing #2, but I had to reprioritize one of my YA books because of topical time-sensitivity. So I’ll just see what I can do with the two and work on #3 as soon as I can. (I actually have ideas for two more in the series, but haven’t even started either, even though # 3 is on draft 1.5.)

You may be wondering what is coming in the fall. That would be Finally in Tune, a second chance romance featuring Casey, Theresa’s friend from It’s Technically Love, and Adam, Casey’s friend and crush from college who was already married when they met. Casey comes back to her home state to take care of her parents’ house and she and Adam are shocked when they’re paths cross again—and this time they’re both single. Of course, the big question is if they can make it work, with Casey’s aversion to career-destroying romance and living 1500 miles away, and Adam’s complex family situation. Here’s the cover (I love this thing):

Finally in Tune book cover

I’m excited to get this one out into the world. I think it’s a stronger book than the first. I’ve got feedback from my last beta reader as of a couple days ago, so it’s just a matter of making a few changes and then it’s ready to send off to my editor. I have a September 5th deadline with her and will definitely make that, and I think she has about a 1-month turnaround (though honestly I don’t remember for sure). I will most likely be releasing it in November, possibly October. 

One last thing: I’ve been in a terrible reading slump and have hardly been reading any romance at all. But my romance writers group is having a book club this Tuesday with Emily Henry’s Book Lovers, so I read that and was reminded how I love good romance, so now I’ve picked up Take a Hint, Dani Brown again, which I’d started a long time ago, and I’m enjoying it again. I hope this reading slump will go away. It’s a drag. But anyway, look for a review of Book Lovers here soon!